Project Research Finding – Web 2.0

8 02 2010

Project Research Findings 1

The organization I am focusing on is National Addictions Management Service (NAMS) which was incorporated since August 2008. It is located at the Institute Mental of Health and they have a specialist outpatient clinic and the inpatient Serenity Centre. NAMS is an organization which treats addiction problems such as gambling, and other behavioural addictions.

According to the website that NAMS has set up, they are using web 1.0 and they also stated that their contents are for information purposes only and not to be use for diagnosis purposes. Any concerns regarding health must be checked with a physician for professional advice.

After doing some research about web 2.0, I felt that the organization should implement the web 2.0 technologies as it allows them to interact with other users to change website contents whereas web 1.0 only allows users to passively view information that is provided to them and there is no sharing of information. There is a respond to a recent McKinsey survey which shows that there are many who are interested in this trend and they said that the web 2.0 technologies are strategic and they plan to increase the investments. There is also an online discussion that clarify that companies who are using Web 2.0 technologies has developed a new way of bringing technology into businesses.

According to the McKinsey Global Survey, more than half of the executives who surveyed said they are pleased with the results of their investments for the past 5 years and the companies plan to maintain or increase investments in Web 2.0 technologies in the coming years.

By using Web 2.0 technologies, NAMS can help to improve customer service and solicit customer feedback and also they are able to use the web services, peer to peer networking to communicate with other business partners or clients and companies.

As mention earlier that the website for NAMS state that their contents are for information purposes only and not to be use for diagnosis purposes, I think that they should introduce the E-prescribing system as it is a simply an electronic way of generating prescriptions which utilizes e-prescribing software and a transmission network which is linked to various participating pharmacies.

By introducing E-prescribing, it can reduce patient’s high amount of medication costs and also medication errors such as hand writing illegibility, wrong dosage, or other drug allergy reactions.





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