Reflection on New Media Landscape

30 12 2009

5 keypoints the speaker mention:

He mention about how one can earn revenue by making blogshops and doing business although it is different from e-commerce due to offline transactions for blogshop but it can save time and also gain experience by putting in our web designing skills into the blogsite.

People can also make blogs and earn revenue such as XiaXue sites by promoting and let others click on the advertisements provided by Nuffnang and also update and provide people with the latest news so they more people will come back and read up and also expand the amount of viewers.

The way to promote or let others know about our own website/blogshop is to spend alot of money on advertisements or one could promote through the net like how some others promote their own business online is by going in forums and posting to let others read up about it.

Another thing that he mention was how people as a web designer themselves can make use of what they learnt in schools and on their own from research to build a site. He also explain how people can build their own site easily and simplify the publication of web content to sites with the content management system.

Another point was also how he started out as a freelance and then going into a full time job becoming a co-founder of Rippelewerkz which is doing design for web, blogs development. He mention about the obstacles to overcome and how the work force life and studying is different as you will get payed when working for others so people will expect more from you in return.

3 Things that inspire me from the lecture:

Able to do freelance job wile studying at the same time

Start up own business by providing services such as web designing  at such young age

Learn about how people can earn much revenue through blogs

Do you think it is useful for a gues speaker to  share its expertise?

Yes it let us learn what they have been through and how it can benefit us in our future.




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