Literature Review

6 11 2009


Literature Review Article:

In today’s society, most of us rely on social networking to connect with one another and doing businesses. All of us have the internet and we are very dependent on it now. There are many social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Friendster and others. People also blog their stuffs on their own blog and others will give comments about it.

With so many of this social networking sites, most of us just can’t resist ourselves and will just sign up for all these and connect with all of our friends and even strangers. But after some time, we will start to login lesser for some of the sites or not even bother logging in at all. So before signing up for every single of social networking sites, we should always ask ourselves why are we signing up for all these and if we can just join just a site to connect with people you want so that we will not feel overloaded and ignore the ones who are important to us.

By joining the social networking site, we should also consider our purpose in joining so that we connect to users directly like our friends in Facebook, if most of our friends are using it or for businesses which allows communicating of information to people. We could also have multiple networks for instance one to connect with our friends and other for business purposes so it will be organized.

Some of us uses social networking sites to create boundaries from some people so they can post about people and their happenings or their personal information but we shouldn’t post something we are not comfortable about as we never know who might be able to gain access to it. We should also try to divide people we add in our social networks so that we can create boundaries to have more privacy. These are some ways for us to deal with our social networking overload.





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